• Paul G. Wekarski
    Erie 1 BOCES
    John F. Kennedy High School
    Name: Paul G. Wekarski
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    John F. Kennedy High School



    Dear Parent/Guardian:


                Hello and Welcome!  My name is Mr. Paul Wekarski.   First, I would like to say hello to everyone that I had the pleasure of working with last year.  I would also like to warmly welcome each of our new students and their families.  For those of you who are new to the class, let me start by telling you a little bit about myself.  I look forward to meeting everyone.


    I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Buffalo State College with a degree in Special Education, in 2003.  I received my master’s degree in mild disabilities in 2007.    This year begins my eight year as classroom teacher for Erie1 BOCES.
    In addition, I bring over 25 years of practical work experience into the classroom which I believe enables me to help the student with their work experience goals after graduation.  The students will also benefit from the fine support staff in our classroom.  I will again be assisted by Mrs. Karen Dobmeier who is my classroom aide. 


    This is my first year at John F. Kennedy High School.  Previously, the classroom was at Cheektowaga High School.  During the school year, the class will be making many trips into the community. Due to the high fuel prices we may have to be creative in coming up with alternative activities.  Similar to last year, there will be a focus was on students become familiar with public transportation.  We will further explore the community using mass transit.  From time to time students will be asked to bring in funds to purchase items when out in the community.  This money helps to purchase items such as Metro Bus tickets, lunches, or theater passes.  An effort is made to keep expenses to the students at a minimum.  There is also a small petty cash fund provide by Erie 1 BOCES to help defray the cost and help students with money skills.


     This program is a work study program.  Each student will be working in the community to gain experience in a workplace setting. I place a strong emphasis on good work skills such as following directions, being punctual, quality of task, completion of task, and good decision making skills.  I am very firm in my expectations. The students are preparing them for the real world of employment.   Students may express that the tasks are beneath them but I expect each student, regardless of past employment to begin with basic skills that I teach.  This also includes appropriate dress (no pants hanging, chains, soiled clothing, or poor hygiene.)  The goal is to give provide the student with the best skills possible, prior to graduation, in a very completive job market.  Students will be earning a stipend while they learn good work skills.  The money earned will be sent directly to the student’s place of residence.  In the classroom students will be working on everyday functional skills as stated in their IEP’s such as; money, time, cooking, reading, as well as socially acceptable behaviors.   I am sure that the students will continue working hard to achieve their goals. 


    My goal is to create a classroom experience in which the students feel comfortable and welcome, but work hard.  I believe that such an environment allows the students to excel in academics as well as maturity.  These young men and women are in the final phase of their schooling and are preparing themselves to enter the workforce.  I will do my best to assist them in the transition.



    Paul  Wekarski 716-897-7800 ext. 1224)