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    Occupational and Physical Therapists in the school setting are part of the educational team. Therapy in the educational environment is different than the more commonly understood clinical environment.  School based therapy is intended to meet the functional needs of students and help them to be successful by removing barriers from the students ability to learn.  The focus is on the impact the physical disability has on classroom performance rather than on the disability itself. 
    OT and PT are considered related services within the educational plan and must have a relationship to the students' educational performance. They assist in the development of skills to increase the independence of the student within the educational environment.  The educational environments include, but are not limited to, classrooms, playgrounds, cafeterias, transportation, community mobility, vocational settings, and field trips.
    The BOCES OT/PT Resource Page is an open webpage intended to be helpful to students, parents, teachers, school personnel and professionals.  
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