• Welcome  to Erie #1 BOCES Mrs. Kurzius' Speech-Language Services
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      Colette Kurzius BOCES Speech Pathologist
    716-812-3117 (from 8am-4pm;Voicemail after hours)
    716-821-7023 (BOCES Exceptional Ed Secretary)
    I am looking forward to  working with  you and your child this school year. Please feel free to contact me any time with questions , concerns and information regarding your child. I work closely with your child's teacher  to assist in your child's academic and social achievement..
    This website was created to keep you and your child informed regarding speech and language services for this school year. Periodic updates with up-coming events ,schedule changes ,calendar events,assignments,theme units,meetings/conferences,parent forums,hearing screening dates for some of my students, and website links will be provided. If interested, please register RSS feed and you will be able to receive updates and make comments/ suggestions. I will be revieiwing all comments prior to posting.
    Personal Information:
    I have been a speech pathologist for 32 years and with Erie # 1 BOCCES for 25 years.  I 've had experiences working with individuals with a wide range of communication disabilities. At Erie #1 BOCES, I travel across many schools on a daily basis to work with students.  If you need me throughout the school day please email me or call leaving a message .If leaving a message please add a convenient time and phone number to reach you. Please be patient  for my response  back to you.
    Speech Services Information:
    Therapy units and assignments are designed from your child's needs as outlined on his/her IEP.  Lessons are coordinated with curriculum guidelines.
    Therapy is scheduled to accommodate your child's schedule  ,classroom schedule and  students that I need to provide speech and language services across several districts.Appropriate behaviors and  social conversations are expected with adults and peers with general guidelines of expected behaviors. Upon completion, units will be sent home for review.  Older student  will be expected to complete homework assignments,   Points will accrue to earn privileges and small prizes.
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