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    Welcome to Web Technology & Applications!

    Name: Linda Rohloff
    Email Address: @e1b.org (lrohloff)
    Phone number: 716-821-7331 X-6215

    This dynamic and cutting edge course is everything students are looking for in gaining the skill sets to becoming proficient in Web Design, Programming, and Database Management.
    Wether your interest is in gaining the skills necessary for post-secondary education or the workforce, or you simply want to learn more about the Internet, gaming, or information management for your own personal enjoyment, than this is the class for you!
    Students of various skill levels are all very successful because the class is designed to work with both the beginner and advanced students' to create interactive and professional sites and applications.  Projects are designed to engage and challenge everyone to meet and grow skill levels and to advance computer skills.  
    The course is structured into three large sections that overlap and are used together to bring in the animation, interaction, and dynamics that are found on today's sites and gaming programs.  You will begin by learning source code and develop into using a variety of Web software and programming languages that invite and keep users attention.  
    The information age is upon us so, therefore, Database management is an integral part of the course.  Being able to manage and manipulate information is a critical skill that many employers are looking for in potential employees.  Knowing how to gain and manipulate information from users, create forms, maintain inventory levels, and communicate with users and industry is so necessary in this competitive electronic world.   
    Programming languages are the third element of the course.   Students will work in and learn the Visual Basic, JavaScript, and Java programming languages.  As students expand their skill sets in the various languages, they will consistently apply their learned knowledge to real world interactive Web pages, games,  and applications to get a firsthand experience as to how software programs come together and work simultaneously in outputting a product that is user friendly and exciting.
    If you enjoy troubleshooting, being creative, and learning new computer software, then this is the program for you.  In learning the code behind web pages and programming languages, designing and maintaining a database you'll be taking advantage of an education that will only advance you in your life no matter what field you may aspire to follow.   
    Please feel free to contact me to discuss the program more thoroughly.  I look forward to meeting you and discussing your technological needs and how Web Technology and Applications can and will fulfill you computer needs. 

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    Database Design & Maintenance


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