journal pic
    Every student will have their own journal and complete a rough draft (sloppy copy) and then publish their works on a computer. There will also be some days that there will be free write. A free write day includes an informal piece that the students write about anything they would like and it won't be corrected.

    A good journal entry includes:


    • A Four Square Writing Graphic Organizer
    • A date
    • Capital letters where needed
    • Proper punctuation
    • Detailed sentences (Make them juicy!)- A power sentence of at least 6 words!
    • Straight margins (start at the bold red line)
    • Neat handwriting
    • Spacing between words
    • Occasionally an illustration about your writing

    * Don’t skip pages!

    * Remember you will be asked to share your journal entries!


Last Modified on January 23, 2014