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    Use this page to find your weekly assignments.

    Follow the step by step directions to complete the requirements for each assignment and to meet due dates.
    This week's assignments will be:  1. Continue working on the Awards page 2. Create a senior page for Tim 3. Collage page for "A Day in the Life"
    1. Using the "Paint"  program create a three page document for the award pages. Create a senior page for Tim Kubiak and a one page collage page for student life in ALP
    2. Your pages should be 8.5 X 11.
    3. Page title:  The Award Goes to...
       Page title: Tim Kubiak
       Page title: A Day in the Life
    4. Save file/s as: Awards,  Kubiak and Student Life.   Make sure that you save your files in the proper folder. If you need help click on How to save your file
    5. "Student Life" Include: The title given above and all of the pictures provided in the Student folder. Create a collage page representing a day in the life of students and teachers in ALP
    "Awards" Include: The title given above on each page and all the photos provided in the Award folder. Place 4 awards per page.
    "Kubiak" Include: The picture provided and anything that represents this student. A senior survey may be provided at a later date.
    6. You will be grades on: Following directions, use of proper title, saved in correct folder, appropriate content.
    7. Due date: 5/7/10
    This is the last week to work on yearbook pages!!

Last Modified on May 3, 2010