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    Environmental Science
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    Welcome to Environmental Science!

    This course is offered to 11th and 12th grade students who are unable to complete this course at your home school due to time constraints, graduation requirements and/or scheduling problems.

    This is a non-regents science course that you will receive one unit of science credit for. This course is a privilege, not a right – so I expect you to have perfect or near-perfect attendance, participate in class, complete the requested assignments and activities, respect yourself, your fellow classmates, and myself.

    Failure to follow the simple and basic guidelines can result in your removal or failure from the science program. Remember…summer school or being a “Super Senior” will not be fun, but your actions will determine which route you will take…choose wisely!

    This course will explore different concepts of the environment as they relate to your chosen BOCES Career & Technical Program. Some of the topics we will study are sustainability, solid waste, recycling, landfills, chemicals, health and safety, global warming, air/water/land pollution, and energy sources, to name a few. We will be looking at the environment and how it relates to the workplace. You will explore your career program to see how you can reduce the amount of waste produced, explore methods to reuse or properly dispose of them, study the effects they can have on your surroundings and your health, and realize the impact they have on the rest of the world.


    Grading Policy:

    Daily grade – 50 points twice each week for a weekly total of 100 points

    · 10 for punctuality

    · 10 for being prepared – pen, notebook, homework

    · 15 for participation

    · 15 for behavior and attitude

    A separate grade will be on your report card for science.
    The grade will include:

    1. Homework/projects 20%

    2. Classwork/Projects 30%

    3. Quizzes/Tests/Notebook Check 20%

    4. Class Participation/Prepared/Punctual/Behavior & Attitude 30%

    Attendance & Punctuality

    Attend class twice every week and be on time. There is no bell for Science: it is up to you to know the day and time you have Science and arrive on time. Since this class meets only two times per week for 45 minutes per class, you MUST BE ON TIME and you must remember to bring your homework assignments when due. Late entrance into class will cause you to lose 10 of your possible 50 class participation points for the day.

    This adds up quickly…

    If you are illegally absent you will receive ZERO participation points out of a possible 50 for that particular day. Therefore you must bring me a copy of your excuse for being absent in order to get those points. Obviously if you are not in class, you are not participating.

    If you are absent you are required to make-up all work. Assignments will be posted at my door. You are to make up the assignment and return it to the next science class or it will be counted as a zero. So be sure to get missed work ASAP. It is your responsibility.

    Missed quizzes or tests will be made up the day you return to science.


    Throughout the year you WILL HAVE WEEKLY HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS. Credit for assignments is as follows:

    · Turned in on date due: full credit possible - 100%

    · Turned in after due date to next science class: half-credit possible - 50%

    · Anything beyond that date is at most 50%.

    No exceptions.

    Failure to complete homework assignments will result in failure of this course.Do not waste your time or my own, please. If you miss a class it is YOUR responsibility to find out what you missed by speaking to your Science Instructor. All work following an absence is due the next class.


    Be prepared with a writing utensil, folder, paper and completed homework. Failure to do so will result in loss of 10/50 possible points. There will be notebook checks each quarter so be sure to keep your notebook/folder organized!


    You are a member of a class that meets only twice each week. Your input is absolutely necessary and is a part of your grade. Answering questions, contributing to discussions, asking pertinent questions and contributing to class activities are all appropriate ways to participate in class. Just being there does not qualify as “participation”. Participation is 15/50 possible class participation points.


    This course is being offered as a privilege to help you to graduate on time. If you act inappropriately you will be removed from the class. Appropriate behavior means paying attention, respecting fellow students and teacher, staying focused on task, being on time, being prepared, and no sleeping, swearing or throwing things. No cell phones or headphones are to be on or used during class (this includes text messaging – don’t do it!). If I see them they will be taken away and brought to the office. No hoods, hats or jackets will be worn during science class. 15/50 points per day.


    Food & Drink

    If you bring food & drinks into the Science room you will clean up after yourself. If this is a problem there will be no food allowed.

    Leaving Class

    Since we only meet twice per week - DO NOT plan on leaving to make a phone call, go the snack machine, use the restroom, talk to anyone, get your notebook, etc.  Do what you need to do BEFORE the start of class. If you will be leaving the building from Science bring all of your belongings with you to class.


    Any student found copying previously produced work or another student’s work will receive a zero for the day, a zero for the assignment, will be reported to the assistant principal and a call will be made to your parents. This behavior is completely unacceptable. If you are copying another student’s work, you both will receive the same consequences.

    Your first homework assignment is to return this document, signed and dated, for the next science class along with a pen, 3 ring binder and paper.

    Policy Acknowledgement

    Signing the lines below will acknowledge that you have read AND understand the rules and policies for the Environmental Science course at the Erie 1 BOCES Career & Technical Center.

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    Student Date

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    Parent or Guardian Date

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