Dear Parent, Guardian, and Student:

    Culinary Skills I & II, is a course of study that involves both practical hands-on work as well as classroom and theory assignments. Both programs are designed to prepare the student for employment, or advanced studies at a Culinary College or University. Since we prepare students for live work in a career, we have very specific requirements designed to meet industry standards. We are also concerned with graduation requirements, and successful student outcomes. For these reasons we have prepared this brief guide to help the parent, guardian, and student comply with our requirements.

    Welcome to the beginning of the rest of your adult life: Good Luck!!!!

    • You must be present and on time for class unless legally excused
    • You must be ready to work and in full, clean, uniform to obtain full credit
    • You will be expected to perform in a safe manner, utilizing the proper tools, equipment, and procedures. SAFE WORK HABITS ARE ESSENTIAL.
    • All daily assignments, projects, and tests will be graded. The final grade will be the sum of two-thirds of your practical grade, and one-third of your written work and test grades.
    • You will be expected to comply with all posted classroom rules, and food lab rules.


    The supplies for this course of study will include (but are not limited to) the following)

    1. Notebook, paper, and pen. (needed daily)
    2. 3 ring binder (3 inch)
    3. 3 ring binder (1 inch)
    4. 50 Plastic Sheet Protectors
    5. A complete, clean uniform; chef’s coat, chef’s pants, apron, mushroom cap, and appropriate footwear as described below. Maintenance and cleanliness of the uniform is the responsibility of the student.


    1. Observance of daily rules of personal hygiene.
    2. Participation in daily sanitation responsibilities.
    3. Participation in daily assignments, activities, and school-related catering projects.
    4. Participation in an internship program for all second year students.
    5. Preparation of a portfolio.
    6. For those wishing to take it, a one-time fee for administration of the Serv-Safe Certification Exam. (Optional)


    • Two white or black, double breasted. long sleeved Chef coats
    • Script embroidered name on chef coats; with first and last name in black, (Britannic Bold Font)
    • Two white bib style aprons
    • Two white Chef hats
    • Two pairs of black & white small-checkered, or solid black Chef pants.
    One pair of leather topped shoes or sneakers with rubber soles.

    Note: To avoid unnecessary uniform replacement expense, it is a good idea to write the students name on the inside of each uniform part in permanent black magic marker:

    Where to Purchase The Uniform:

    Kristen Uniforms
    2010 Eggert Road (between Bailey and Niagara Falls Boulevard)
    Amherst, NY 14226

    New Chef Fashion Inc. 3223 East 48th Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90058
    Email stellak@newchef.com

    United Uniform Company
    495 French Road (between Niagara Falls Boulevard and Sweet Home Rd. )
    Amherst, NY 14228

    Suburban Uniform Company
    Southgate Plaza
    West Seneca, NY 14224

    Uniform sizes and selection may be limited so it is advisable to purchase your uniform early. (Remember to inquire about possible student discounts)

    Hopefully this will assist you in preparing your son or daughter for their studies at the Potter Road Career Center in Culinary Skills. Should you have any questions please feel to contact the Center by calling 716-821-7331 and an instructor will contact you to answer your questions. Once again your son or daughter has the opportunity of a lifetime, and will benefit greatly from the successful completion of this course.

    Thanks For Your Cooperation